Hae guys..i know its been quite a while since my last blog but i am…So today i got something quite interesting you would want to know..VEGANISM!!..

When we talk of veganism we simply mean implacable vegetarians who consume no animal food and dairy products. Vegans also refrain the use of any of the animal products such as shoes and clothing!!!.. They often refer animal food and products as a habitual irritation that does not portray morality. Persy Byshe Shelly would say, “It is only by softening and disguising dead flesh by culinary preparation that is rendered susceptible for mastication/digestion and that the sight of its bloody juices and raw horror does not excite intolerable loathing and disgust,” to show his disgust for meat and his advocacy for veganism.

Over the years there has been altercations regarding the diet within the public sphere among the faithful supporters and the mass of people questioning and deprecating its importance. The faithful regarding the controversies as the masses inept understanding of the diet and the masses regarding it as the Faithfull’s lack of proper knowledge of food dietary.


Vegetarianism has been in the society for thousands of years, tracing its origin in the Indian subcontinent atleast 8000 years ago amongst the people of the Indus valley civilization. The spread of vegetarianism is well known to have been a world war tough kind of journey. It took the struggle of a couple of selfless individuals for the vegetarian to be recognized and accepted by the society. One of the leading pioneers was Mahatma Gandhi who spoke at the London vegetarian society in 1931 advocating for his non-dairy lifestyle. Such a high profile support emboldened the vegetarian society who saw themselves as minority in the society.

February, 1944 saw some enthusiastic individuals such as Donald Watson coming together in England to form the first vegan society. In the meeting the word vegetarian was coined to vegan as a symbol of the transitioning community. Many humanitarians from other lands joined the society bringing in ideas and knowledge gained through personal experience as vegetarians. The movement also saw some setbacks with some of the pioneers developing symptoms of diet deficiencies and others suffering physically and socially.

The vegan movement saw the formation of many other vegan societies thereafter. In 1960, the American vegan society was formed in Malaga and New Jersey that included a smaller group that had been formed earlier on in 1948. Another new vegan organization formed was the Indian vegan society that had been formed earlier on before the American Vegan Society in 1957.


Veganism has now become a revolution, with many people joining the religion. It is the direct result of the veganism movement frontiers that has seen many people embracing the culture without living in fear of being accepted as normal citizens. The significant increase in the word vegan can be well accounted to the rapid expansion of vegan websites, that has led to an increasing market of vegan books like recipes approximated to be millions globally. The number of vegans has also increased tremendously, accounting to millions of people around the globe even celebrities such as Mike Tyson and many others in the spotlight.



Yesterday we lost a great icon in Kenyan history. A man revered by many for his iconic stand in fighting for multiparty democracy in Kenya. Heroes are born and die but Legends like Kenneth Matiba live on in the hearts of many. As we mourn his death, i decided to embark on his life’s journey and all that he had accomplished in his lifetime.

So first and foremost, who was Kenneth Matiba? Kenneth Stanley Njindo Matiba, as his full name goes, was a Kenyan politician and an activist for democracy. He became the first indigenous African Permanent Secretary of education in May, 1963 before Kenya even got to attain its independence in December later that year. In 1964, he went ahead to be appointed as the Permanent secretary of commerce under the then Minister of Finance, Mwai Kibaki.

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During the fight for multiparty democracy, Moi commanded that Matiba be held without trial at the Kamiti Maximum Prison in 1990 with Charles Rubia, a member of the Kenyan Cabinet who also called for multiparty democracy. While in prison, Matiba was refused medication and suffered a stroke, which affected half his body and incapacitated him for some time. Later, a multiparty system was instituted and Matiba was released.

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Well, there is also the hidden story of this unsung hero. He was a great farmer, in various parts of the country including Limuru. “The farming I undertook at Limuru was something like a hobby,” he says in his book, Aiming High. He had this big pig project and was at one time one of the largest African pig producers. He was specializing in the production of porkers. The pig project collapsed after one of his workers started overfeeding the animals and they all became too fat and they could not fetch good prices. Hahahahahahaha! Funny right? “In the end, the pig project had to close down. By then I was losing money. Luckily, it was not too difficult to sell the pigs…at give-away prices. I discovered that many entrepreneurs felt embarrassed and uneasy about a failing business.” Matiba would later say.

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I am humbled by such a man who took the whip for the reality we are living in, multiparty democracy. We all should emulate his indefatigable character for the greater good of our country, his patriotism to the Kenyan flag and his good will to others. One of the movie actors, Ferris, said that life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it. It’s up to us to live it in the most admirable way such that when our time comes, people will look back at all that we have accomplished and acknowledge us. So that we may live on in the hearts of many, as heroes, legends and icons.







Over the years, science and mystics have intersected in the ability of the crystals to provide protection and also heal. Their metaphysical properties have shown that they are more than the beauty we so much admire in them.For many years, crystals have been venerated for their great psychic abilities and used in all kinds of spiritual rituals, and most of these beliefs and practices are still intact to this modern day and age. When people say they want crystals for protection, they actually mean they are looking for crystals that can prevent them from being affected by any negative influence or energy. Well, they don’t all work in a similar way; different crystals provide different kinds of protection and healing power. Below is a comprehensive look at the different kinds of protection and healing crystals.


As the name suggests, the crystal is black in color. Also known as schorl, the black tourmaline is a very powerful gemstone that has been used since time immemorial mostly by the Shamans and healers for protection. It is known to generate electricity when heated and also at the same time used to store electric charges and causing it to release the negative ions and infrared radiation for health protection. It is capable of converting all negative energies to positives e.g. thoughts or even transmitting negative psychic attacks back to the sender. More so, it used to protect one from harmful electromagnetic radiation such as cell phones and televisions. The scorl also increases one’s alertness and also in the balancing and clearing of chakras. As it can be seen, the crystal is capable of accomplishing great things and may be used to benefit each and every one of us. If you want help with your dreams, tuck it under your pillow and wait for it to do its wonders. For safe driving, don’t leave it at home; carry it with you in the front seat for that mystic save.


Also known as the genius stone, fluorite is a soft and glassy crystal that provides the ultimate protection by absorbing and neutralizing negative vibrations. More so, it has the capability of warding off any negative energy that seems to be threatening your life. The genius stone has the psychic ability of grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy and may also help you to purify your body and create a sense of calmness and relaxation in oneself. Do you have unhealthy people in your life? People, who want nothing but to see you suffer and would go great lengths to make sure of it? Worry not; the Fluorite is the best solution to declutter such beings in your life. It helps one know when there are external forces trying to shackle and manipulate him/her and shuts down the psychic manipulation.


Believed to have fallen from the frozen fire of Aurora Borealis, an extraordinary stone that’s said to transform to a shimmering light that separates the waking world from unseen realms, Labradorite is believed to be the most powerful of all. It has the capability of strengthening one’s own natural energies from within and creating some sort of shielding force throughout the aura. It also has the psychic ability to resurface one’s innate magical powers. It enhances the mental and intuitive abilities of telepathy, prophesies and coincidence hence allowing one to safeguard him/herself from any negative energies. The Labradorite also goes to the extent of tempering any negative side of our personality.


The mystic story of this stone dates years ago, in the desert topography of Nevada in the United States of America among the Apache tribe. It is believed to have been formed from the tears of the Apache women and children who lost their husbands in a cold battle. Unlike many other stones, the apache tears do not only dispel negativities but also heal holes that have been created by a tragic experience. It also has the psychic ability to help one recover from grief or any depression. These stones are also said to be gentle as they help one to address negativity in a more constructive and calmer way. The apache tears are empathetic stones that gracefully and gently allow one to address his/her struggles.


The amethyst is a purple stone that draws one into the mystical ore with its purple hue. It is mostly known for its healing and protective abilities but what people didn’t know is of its psychic ability to help people through depression. The amethyst is capable of cleansing and transmuting energies to positives. It helps one find that sense of inner peace and strength especially after the loss of a loved one. More so, it helps in the getting rid of the negative thoughts that are self-defeating in the mind. Amethyst is known for a deep level of emotional pains and struggles and helps one to transmute it all.


The carnelian is a waxy looking stone with attractive colors and is known for motivating one during trying times and helps one to take proactive action. The carnelian has the psychic ability to boost one’s energy during low vibrations (depression). It is mostly recommended for those people who lack the will to make positive changes in their lives due to the motivating factor it posses.


The sunstone crystal is a peachy orange colored stone with beautiful glittering sparkles inside. It is a great mood lifter during a depression and has the ability to infuse ones grieved body with lighter energy hence giving out a more positive outlook.
The citrine is a one of a kind energy stone that has the ability to absorb negative energy while bringing the positivity into the aura. It helps one attain a positive mindset even after a great loss. It is also known of having a detoxifying effect of lifting people’s moods in times of depressions.



He is an eclectic self taught artist born in kakamega western Kenya. Being a young freelance artist based in Nairobi Kenya, he has widely explored the world of graphite art and employment of vast unique technique of using pencil and paper as major medium to express his work.

Obiero B Omari is one of the most restless artist of his generation being able to stand out in a highly competitive world of art . He has made a wide range of artworks mosaic collage paintings and drawings he has majored on pencil drawing, portraits and human figure as the areas of interest.

Inspired by the traditional African mythology and culture he best expresses fantastic black cultural life He successfully expressed his love for black in one of his iconic masterpiece “BEAUTY BEYOND SKIN”.


In his art career he has participated in several cultural art exhibitions including Kenya art fare 2015/16 and currently the CEO of“Art at heart “.Being in a different field of study, Obiero Omari is striving to live his dream as a contemporary artist who praises and adore the black African color and greatest of all to Inspire many in the field of art.













My mission is to change the way people see the world. Everybody has a perspective or a lens they see things through, and hopefully I can adjust that lens or change that lens so that they see things from a different perspective, a different lens.

We all have seen what’s happening in most parts of Africa. Poverty stricken countries are becoming worse by the day. Children are roaming the streets in search of garbage bins, not to dump wastes or anything of the sort but in search of food!..While education is a reality to most of us… it is a dream to them. The streets are cold but they are courageous enough to withstand everything just to make to the next day…

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My point is, we fail to appreciate that what we have is enough, and we keep on complaining about the sizes of our bread no matter how big it is. When will ever learn that we can’t have everything we desire? When will ever open our eyes and see the world for what it really is? A miracle, that’s what it is…Give yourself a gift of five minutes of contemplation in awe of everything you see around you. Go outside and turn your attention to the many miracles around you. This five-minute-a-day regimen of appreciation and gratitude will help you to focus your life in awe.

Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts.



I’ll find you

I’m hangin’ on by a thread

And all I’m clinging to is prayers

And every breath is like a battle

I feel like I ain’t come prepared

And death’s knockin’ on the front door

Pain’s creepin’ through the back

Fear’s crawlin’ through the windows

Waiting for ’em to attack

They say “Don’t get bitter, get better”

I’m workin’ on switchin’ them letters

But tell God I’ma need a whole lotta hope keeping it together

I’m smilin’ in everyone’s face

I’m cryin’ whenever they leave the room

They don’t know the battle I face

They don’t understand what I’m going through.